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    3. Legal declaration

      This website is created by China Communications Construction Co (hereinafter referred to as "China Stock Exchange"). Before anyone can use this website, please read the following terms carefully:
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      monstrans de droit
      Ownership, copyright and other rights of information, information, layout design, patterns, processes, sounds, procedures and other contents of this website shall be enjoyed and retained by the Stock Exchange of China, which shall be subject to the General Principles of the Civil Law of the People's Republic of China, the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China, and the People's Republic of China. Any infringement of the above rights may result in civil, administrative or criminal liability under the protection of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law and other laws, regulations, normative legal documents and relevant international treaties.
      The content contained in this website, in particular regarding possible or predicted future performance, costs, dividends, revenue, production level or efficiency, the development or other trends of the Chinese Exchange of Shares, as well as the synergies involved in the merger or any expected revenue of the company, is forward-looking and therefore risky. And uncertainty. Due to various factors, actual results and developments may differ greatly from those expressed or implied in the above description.
      Nothing in this website constitutes and should not be regarded as an offer for the investment and trading of shares in the Chinese Commodity Exchange.
      We have done our utmost to review the content of this website, but do not provide any form of express or implied assurance of the correctness, timeliness, effectiveness, stability, availability, non-infringement of the rights of others; do not guarantee the stability of the server, do not guarantee that you can browse at any time. Read, copy and use this website; do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the text, graphics, materials, links, descriptions, statements or other items contained in the content of the website; do not guarantee that the content of this website does not contain any mistakes in printing, copying or other input. "Website Manager" may change the content of this website at any time without notice, but it does not guarantee timely updating when the content changes, nor does it guarantee to inform you when it is updated.
      In any event, the Website shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or incidental loss to a third party (including but not limited to loss of profits, loss of information and data, damage to property, etc.) arising from the use of the contents of the Website or the inability to access the Website, regardless of the contract. Litigation, tort action or other litigation grounds.
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      Protection of user privacy
      We respect the privacy of users. We do not collect user information without the consent of users. We promise not to provide email, information and addresses to any third party without the permission of the user.
      (1) what personal data do we need to collect?
      Collecting personal data is for the convenience of providing you with high quality and efficient service. Under normal circumstances, you do not need to submit personal data to visit our website. But when you need to use our service, you must register your personal data before you can use it.
      Personal data include but are not limited to name, date of birth, sex, contact address, e-mail address, telephone number. You must ensure that the information provided is accurate, authentic, effective and complete. We reserve the right to delete false personal data and terminate service at any time.
      (2) protect your privacy.
      We will take steps to protect your personal data. We will not provide any of your personal data to unrelated third parties (including companies or individuals) without your explicit permission, unless required by law or government mandatory provisions or in an emergency to safeguard the interests of users and the public.
      We do not assume any responsibility for making your personal data known to others for your own reasons.
      (3) data security
      We treat your data with a serious attitude. In addition to meeting all applicable data security requirements, we have adopted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure that your data is transmitted at the highest level of security between network browsers and Internet systems. SSL is the industry standard for the transmission of personal information over the Internet. Encrypted communications are transmitted between network browsers and network servers over the Internet to ensure that your personal data is not read by others.
      (4) use of COOKIES
      To enable us to understand your needs and provide personalized services, we use "COOKIES" technology to store and track information about your activities on this site when you visit our site
      (5) contact us.
      If you have any questions, suggestions or comments on our privacy policy, please contact us via webmaster@cccc Ltd.cn. If you want a paper copy of this privacy policy, you can also contact us through this email.
      Termination clause
      The agreement will be invalidated if any party terminates it. Whether or not under the terms of this agreement or under other circumstances, the termination of this Agreement shall be effected by the destruction of all software, documents and all related materials obtained from this website.
      All lawsuits or disputes arising from this website should be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. If the amendment of the PRC law makes any of the above-mentioned clauses illegal, the parties will agree to amend the above-mentioned clauses by the Chinese Commodity Exchange Shares.