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    3. Overseas city integrated developer
      The Grand Avenue, LA
      source: Author: Date: 2018-09-01 Font size: [large medium small]
      An iconic, mixed-use project in Downtown Los Angeles with best-in-class development partner Related Companies (“Related’).
      Upon completion, the Grand Avenue Los Angeles Parcel Q will be an approximately 1.5 million GSF, mixed-use development to be comprised of a 309-key Equinox hotel (the “Hotel”), ~173,000 SF of retail (the “Retail”), 323 luxury residential units (the “Luxury Rentals”), 113 units of ultra-premium luxury residential units (the “Ultra-Premium Rentals”), and an associated 1,063 space parking facility (the “Parking”).
      Related is a world-leading diversified property developer, owner, and manager with an unrivaled track record of success in urban mixed-use development projects
      World-renowned architect, Frank Gehry, will spearhead design, ensuring iconic and timeless status among other global cultural destinations, including the Gehry-designed Walt Disney Concert Hall, located across the street.